About Us

New York City Academy for Discovery


New York City Academy for Discovery, P.S. 306Q, is a collaborative community dedicated to the mission of providing the highest quality education to each of our students. Central to our mission is a shared belief that each child brings to our school a unique set of abilities and talents. Our highly dedicated faculty work closely together in an enriching environment for all of our students. Equally central to our mission is the teaching of important community values. Thus, we encourage children to celebrate diversity, to respect each other, and to work together with shared goals. We recognize a supportive environment as one that also includes clear expectations and academic rigor. P.S. 306Q is dedicated to teaching a common-core curriculum in a supportive environment, to ensure that our students will achieve their highest potential, and go on to a lifelong quest for learning and achievement. 

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to build strong, positive connections with students so they can independently and confidently achieve academic success and contribute to making a better world. 

Our mission is to create a positive and collaborative community which empower students to build character, master skills, and become lifelong learners.

Our Instruction Focus


Connecting Learning to Experience

Teachers will ensure that tests and experiences enhance each other to strengthen students' background knowledge and engagement with learning.  Text-based activities will take place in addition to rich, shared experiential learning through hands-on projects, activities, and trips.  Students will reflect on their experiences and understanding of new content.